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To apply for a place at Pre-School, please complete this online form below.  If you would prefer a paper form, please contact us. You can apply at any time of year.  Once your application is received, you will be placed on the waiting list. 

You will be contacted by the Pre-School to be offered a place.  The majority of places are offered in the summer term (May-July) for a start in September, the beginning of each academic year.  Some places do also become available during the year.

More information about how places are allocated and the order in which places are offered can be found in the Admissions policy.  Places are offered on the expectation that children will attend regularly and for their full entitlement.  For funded children, this is five, three hour sessions  (15 hours) per week. Parents may request a short period of building up to attending all sessions, in support of a child's settling-in.  The Pre-School expects that all children, funded and fee-paying, will attend for a minimum of three sessions (9 hours) per week with at least two consecutive sessions per week.  

To apply to Handsworth Pre-School please
 complete the following online form and submit.

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