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The Pre-School follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  Through the curriculum, we aim to provide a range of activities, experiences, resources and opportunities to support, encourage and stimulate your child's love of learning. 

Cultural capital is threaded through our provision.  We offer opportunities for children to:
  • experience something new
  • wonder
  • experience things they would not necessarily have or do at home.
We deliver teaching and learning through play, indoors and out, throughout the seasons.  We encourage children to direct their own learning, as well as engage in small and whole-group adult-led activities.  Children are enabled to:
  • investigate, experience and have a go
  • concentrate, try again and celebrate their achievements
  • have their own ideas, make connections, think about 'what next' and solve problems.
Staff plan and deliver the curriculum against all areas seven areas of the EYFS.  We plan to deliver a borad range of topics across the year; and allow children to show us what they know and can do, and build on their learning, skills and interests.

We have a key person system in place to support, encourage and enable your child's learning and development.  Your child's key person will plan for, observe and evaluate your child's learning and development.  The Pre-School uses Tapestry Learning Journals to record your child's learning and to allow you to share in their learning journey whilst they attend.  We also share regular updates on our activities through Facebook and Instagram.

To view the Pre-School's curriculum statement, and find out more about the EYFS, please click here:  Our Curriculum 2021.pdf .  The Teaching and Learning policy also gives you more information about how the Pre-School supports your child's learning and development. 

Session Timetable
Sessions will vary according to children's needs and interests and for some special events.  Broadly, each session will include:
  • morning welcome - five minute carpet time
  • free play, indoors and out, and including snack time.  This makes up the majority of the session.
  • snack - the snack table is open during free play.  Children can access water to drink throughout the session.
  • tidy up time - children are encouraged to play outside and/or join in with tidying up
  • songs and story - carpet or group time
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