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Snack Time

Snack Time
Snack time is an essential part of the curriculum, and can be a great moment for social interaction and learning basic life skills. The children are encouraged to be self sufficient by serving and cleaning up after themselves. This is also an opportunity for them to make choices and try new foods.

For safety, food is consumed in the snack area, and children should be sitting down to avoid choking hazards. Initially, hand washing and snack time may seem chaotic, as the children learn new skills, but as the year progresses, the children become more and more competent at the table, and it is a joy to listen to their conversation and see them become more independent.

All children are offered a healthy snack in the morning.  Children have a choice of milk or water to drink, and a selection of fruit and primarily savoury snacks. We would ask if you would mind bringing some fruit, vegetables, breadstick, cheese, or some other savoury snack item each week for the children to share.

Allergies and/or Special Dietry Needs

Before your child starts to attend the setting, we find out from parents/carers their dietary needs and preferences, including any allergies. (See the Managing Children with Allergies policy on the website). We record information about each child's dietary needs in his/her registration record and parents/carers sign the record to signify that it is correct. It is important that we are kept up to date with any changes. We display current information about individual children's dietary needs so that all staff and volunteers are fully informed about them. We take care not to provide food containing nuts or nut products and are especially vigilant where we have a child who has a known allergy to nuts.
Through discussion with parents and research by staff, we also obtain information about the dietary rules of the religious groups to which children and their parents belong, and of vegetarians and vegans, and about food allergies. We take account of all of this information in the provision of food and drinks at snack times and implement systems to ensure that children receive only food and drink that is consistent with their dietary needs and preferences as well as their parents' wishes.

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