25 Aug 2022

Keeping Children Safe

The Pre-School has policies and practices in place to keep children healthy and safe.  We undertake health and safety checks on our premises and resources and have clear policies in place.  

Protecting Children from Abuse

Handsworth Pre-School offers a safe space for children.  Staff work together, with parents and with other professionals and agencies to keep children safe from harm and to respond appropriately should harm be disclosed or suspected.  The Pre-School has clear and robust measures in place to:
  • Identify different types of abuse;
  • Identify characteristics which may make children particularly vulnerable to abuse;
  • Identify clearly staff roles and responsibilities, and ensure staff are trained in what they must do if they suspect abuse or if abuse is disclosed;
  • Ensure the adults within the setting are suitable and appropriate for their roles, undertaking necessary checks;
  • Reduce the risk of harm to, or exploitation of, a child whilst they are at Pre-School or involved in Pre-School activities;
  • Work closely with other professionals within the Local Authority and other statutory agencies;
  • Make appropriate referrals, generally with parental consent.  We will make referrals without parental consent if we think a child is at risk of immediate harm or further harm if their parent is informed.


We are legally required to have in place measures to prevent children from being drawn into terrorism.  At Pre-School we consider the risks presented through radicalisation within a child’s wider family.  Children may be exposed to extremist views and actions in their homes or community groups. If we believe that a family member of a child at Pre-School is either radicalised or a perpetrator of extremist views, safeguarding referrals will be made. Children’s attendance is monitored and safeguarding referrals will be made if a child is at risk of being taken to, or we believe they have been taken to, a country at war.
To find out more about protecting children from abuse and harm, please see the “Safeguarding: Protecting Children from Abuse” policy.


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