Diversity and Behaviour

25 Aug 2022

Celebrating Diversity and Equality

We value diversity, equality and community.  Much of the teaching, learning, resources and activities we offer aims to support children to:
  • celebrate and learn about different cultural and community events
  • develop an understanding of sharing, taking turns and respecting others' needs
  • consider the impact of their behaviour on others and consider the wellbeing of others
  • share experiences from their own families and extended families
  • explore the cultures, influences and interests of others
  • experience beliefs and the four world faiths
  • challenge stereotypes based on gender, faith, ability, age or any other defining characteristic.

British Values

Our curriculum also reflects British Values  This includes:
  • Democracy - we do this by supporting children to express their own thinking, interests, needs and wants; to reflect these in our planning and provision; and to share them with others
  • Rule of law - we do this by having clear expectations on behaviour within Pre-School 
  • Individual liberty - we do this by supporting children to develop their self confidence, self-esteem and resilience
  • Mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths - we do this through the teaching and activities we provide 

Promoting Positive Behaviour
Children are supported to develop the skills, strategies and understanding they need to manage their emotions, feelings and behaviour in a developmentally appropriate way.

Golden Rules set out our expectations for behaviour at Pre-School. We present the golden rules to children in a positive way, and remind children about the behaviour we expect.  To find out more, please click here: Golden Rules 2022.pdf

If a child’s behaviour is difficult or challenging, we will speak with their parents to explore the reasons behind the behaviour, to identify any possible triggers such as changes at home, and to agree next steps.  This may include referrals to outside agencies or health care providers should that be considered appropriate.

To find out more about diversity, equality and behaviour, please see the Community Values and Behaviour policy.


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